Terms and Conditions of Hire
Arkwright Generators

1. Definition of Terms

“Owner” means Arkwright Generators.

“Plant” means Generators, trailers, cabling, lights, ancillary equipment and any specifics detailed in contract.

“Hirer” means the person/company/corporation taking the Owner’s plant hire.

“On Hire” means from the point when the Plant is delivered to the Hirer or when the Hirer collects from the Owner.

“Off Hire” means on collection of Plant by Owner or delivery to Owner.

2. Hirers Obligations

a) The Hirer must use all Plant and Electrics in a safe manner, in accordance with instructions.
b) The Hirer under no circumstances must overload or mistreat equipment.
c) The Hirer must take responsibility of 3rd party use by caterers, band, DJ’s, loos etc.

3. Conditions

a) Once the Plant is installed on site, loss or damage to the plant shall be the sole responsibility of the Hirer until the collection of the Plant by the Owner.
b) Arkwright Generators reserve the right to terminate a contract due to:

(i) Misuse of equipment
(ii) Failure of payment
(iii) Vandalism
(iv) Failure of complete payment before the start of Period of On Hire

c) Arkwright Generators reserves the right to change the specifications of the quote criteria. If there should be any reason that these terms and conditions cannot be met then a written request will be required 24hrs prior to the On hire period and Arkwright Generators have the right to terminate the contract.

4. Fire, Theft and Damage

Once the ‘On Hire’ period has started, the plant and all accessories are the responsibility of the Hirer. It will be the Hirer’s responsibility to insure the Plant against any loss and damage from all risks (including third party risks). Please contact your insurance companies for further advise regarding Household, Event and Farm insurance.

Any negligence on the part of the Hirer or 3rd parties brought in by the Hirer resulting in damage to equipment will be billed directly to the Hirer.

a) In the unlikely event of a breakdown;

The Hirer must contact the Owner to organize repairs or replacement of a Plant after inspection by the Owner. The Hirer will not be charged for any repairs due to a breakdown to the Plant caused by fair wear and tear.

If the Owner cannot fulfill this then a refund will be negotiated.

The Owner will not take any responsibility for faults incurred due to bad weather conditions.

5. Payment Terms

50% deposit is payable on booking the Plant Hire.
Full payment is to be cleared in the week prior to the On Hire commencement date. All charges will be agreed before the period of hire starts.
Arkwright Generators reserve the right to make an additional charge to cover the cost of any extra labour or equipment such as access to the site and any conditions affecting the installation of the equipment.
The arrangements for use and quantities of fuel will be detailed in the contract. Any additional fuel used out with the contract terms will be billed directly to the Hirer.

6. Cancellations

Period of Notice of Hire Charge Payable

a) Less than 7 days 100%
b) Less than 28 days 50%
c) More than 28 days a full refund.